I teach improvisational comedy, which means the people I work with go on stage and create scenes out of thin air. The most common reaction I hear from people who have never been involved in improv is that they think it's impossible: that they're not smart enough, fast enough or funny enough. I know that's not true.

I've worked on improv with all kinds of people from all over the world: children, businessmen, refugees, students, people trying to overcome stage fright and people trying to make a career out of comedy. They all have something in common, namely an innate skill to express themselves in front of an audience. It's because improv skills are life skills, and that's why I'm on a mission to teach improv as much as I can.

I've been lucky enough to have played hundreds of improv shows with Stranger Things Have Happened, and from there I started teaching workshops and classes to many people around the world. I frequently travel to perform shows or teach workshops. You can see me in action on the Stranger Things YouTube channel and contact me for more information here. Below you can find some testimonials from those people.


“Improv comedy has brought me many things: fun, being okay with failure, and truly working as a team. But mostly, it’s how to embrace uncertainty and how to be unprepared. Incredibly valuable for a 21st century education.” - Loes Damhof, Teacher of the Year, The Netherlands
“Each and every class was the best part of my week. With improv, I could develop myself as a person and as a professional. It was so inspiring that when I got home I founded Improv POA, the first improv course in the south of Brazil. After three years and training more than seventy new improvisers, I can definitely say it has changed many aspects of my life, and that of many other people.” - Matheus Wilke, Improv POA, Brazil
“Three names pop up in my head when I think of multidimensional, generational talents. Stephen Fry. Neil Patrick Harris. Thomas Mook. In no particular order.” - Aree Witoelar, Impro Neuf, Norway
“Thomas is a great instructor who knows how to motivate you to your best potential. He teaches you how to admire failure and brainstorm ideas for better performances with your group. I hope I can have a chance to go to his classes again in the future.” - Tim Yu, Witty Fool, Taiwan
“Thomas is one of those improvisers you will never forget. On the stage, he is very present and full of energy. If he starts to sing, the whole world belongs to him. A very talented and sympathetic man. I’m looking forward to every show I do with him.” - Jürgen Boese, SpontanOL, Germany
“Simple but hilarious, great humor with intelligence, woooow!” - Saku Yanagawa, Second City, USA/Tokyo
“Always a pleasure to work with! Thomas is a delightful person on and off stage.” - Lolu Ajayi, Boom Chicago, The Netherlands
“Thomas is an excellent and patient teacher, with a real knack for providing useful tips and constructive feedback.” - Anthony Butcher, ImpSoc, Wales


NOUN something that is improvised, in particular a piece of music, drama, etc. created spontaneously or without preparation.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: improvise + -ation.